My skills and experience make me what could best be described as an imagery and visual identity creator.
I have loved working as a stylist, photographer and author for the past 8 years on subjects such as food, interiors, lifestyle, still-life products, childrenswear and crafts. All these skills combined allow me to blend different roles into one and produce meaningful creative content for the editorial world, brands and businesses.
Authenticity and storytelling are at the core of what defines my style. I mostly shoot in natural light, keeping the content fresh, organic and relatable.
Feel free to get in touch to make an inquiry, I would love to hear from you, contact me!


Combining my skills as both a stylist and photographer
to create a rich and complete imagery to reflect your project.

Generating meaningful visual content to represent your brand,
product or range.

Putting together magazine spreads on various subjects
such as recipes, interiors, shops and businesses, and crafts,
or creating from a given pitch!



Teaming up with fellow creatives,
and assisting with the styling of your shoot!

Gathering all the props and creating a story
for magazines, catalogues and books.

Styling your products or space (store or offices).

Consulting and creative direction.

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Photographing your business, store, offices, team, or event.

Photographing of printed content for magazines, books,
and advertising materials.