Hi, I am Audrey


About me

French born and raised, I now call New Zealand home. There I live with my husband and 3 year old son in a 1920's bungalow we have patiently renovated ourselves.
I have my heritage to thank for my natural attraction to "Art de Vivre", litterally Art of Living, and a genuine keenness to enjoy the simple day to day life to its fullest. Yet I have New Zealand to thank for the balance it has brought to my life and the relaxed attitude I did not always feature before coming here!
As far as I can remember I have always been immensely sensitive to anything visual, as a child I would arrange and decorate my bedroom, in my teenage years I was scouring antique fairs around the countryside, renovating furniture, sewing my own curtains and cushions, and one day a camera landed between my hands and it all started to make sense and come together.

I published my first craft book with Marabout (Hachette) at the age of 23, which went on to become a best seller and was later translated to Korean. I have since been working with my favourite editor again on several cookbooks for the French and international markets.
I find that in order to keep my ideas fresh and current for the various projects I work on, I need to create with my hands, I love to sew, knit and a few months ago I also joined a pottery class.
I get greatly inspired during my travels, my latest crush was Marrakech where I got to see an amazing marriage of craftsmanship, food and architecture, in its rawest form.
I often go back to France on holidays where I get to feel the upcoming trends, bathe in my culture and usually bring back an extra luggage full of clothes and extraordinary finds, along with renewed inspiration.

Below are some of my partners and bibliography.